Ruptured Sewage Pipe is No Match for Charlie’s Plumbing

You never know what life is going to throw at you and there are some problems that you just can’t prepare for. That was the case for one of our clients when one of their sewage pipes was clogged and flooding their parking lot. Our team was able to quickly diagnose the surprising cause and address the source of the problem. 

The Problem Pipe

The tree root system that grew around the broken pipe.

Our team recently completed a pipe and drain cleanout replacement for a sewer pump system at a large local university. Huge roots from a nearby tree had broken through the pipe and stopped the water flow. This stoppage created chronic stoppages and flooded a busy parking lot on campus making a hazardous mess for students and faculty to wade through to get to classes. 

The stoppage was so bad that our technician Ron could not run a camera line 5 ft into the pipe. Ron ran a hydro-jet several times through the cleanout drain before he was able to maneuver a camera line to see exactly what was causing the stoppage. He was surprised by what he found. Approximately 12 ft of gnarly tree roots had broken through the pipe seeking water. These roots grew into an almost perfect circle making a near-complete blockage.

The Solution

As soon as we found the problem, our team coordinated with the busy university to quickly schedule a time when we could replace 60 ft PVC pipe. We quickly excavated 60 ft long 4 ft deep area so that we could access the damaged pipe. 

Our team constructing the new one-way clean-out drain.

Once we had access to the area, our specialists Ray and Corey cut out and replaced 60 ft of broken pipe. They also replaced a two-way drain clean-out with a brand new one-way drain cleanout. This cleanout replacement will prevent future hydro-jets from flowing back into the pumps located inside the building.  

After we completed the pipe replacement, we filled and repaved the 60 ft area and we tipped our hats to them and the university. We are proud to provide fast and reliable service using the latest plumbing technologies to assess dire situations and repair issues at the source. 



5 Reasons to Upgrade to Touchless Water Technology

Touchless water technology is creating the wave of the future for public facilities. Motion-activated water-bottle fillers, sink faucets, and restroom flushers are being installed in a diverse array of publicly used facilities across the country. Schools, office buildings, banks, malls, airports, and workout centers are all making the switch to gesture-controlled water dispensers to ensure their buildings and occupants are healthy and happy.

Motion-activated water dispensers are designed to save you money, save water, prevent the spread of infectious diseases and protect your building’s occupants.


Here are 5 great reasons thousands of facilities are upgrading to touchless water technology.


Touchless Water Bottle Filler Installation

1. Prevents the Spread of Illnesses  

 You might assume that restroom soap dispensers and sink faucets would be free of grime and germs. But these fixtures can accumulate millions of germs from the use of hundreds of different hands throughout the day. Touchless technology reduces bacterial and viral build-up on these surfaces and can help prevent the spread of highly infectious illnesses like norovirus, the flu, and the common cold. Prioritizing your student’s and staff’s health reduces the number of sick days spent away from school or the office and saves them the cost of a doctor’s visit. 


2. Eco friendly  

Motion-sensor restroom fixtures save millions of gallons of water a year by reducing the amount of water wasted by traditional water dispensers by timing a measured amount of liquid to complete daily tasks. You can save up to 11,000 gallons a year by upgrading to a low-flow motion-activated toilet

One touchless water bottle filler prevents hundreds of thousands of single-use water bottles from being disposed of each year. Each bottle filler records the number of equivalent single-use plastic bottles that would otherwise be discarded in a landfill.  

Touchless Water Bottle Filler Installation Bottle Counter Wasted BottlesTouchless Water Bottle Filler Installation Bottle Counter


3. Saves Money

The upfront cost of these new fixtures may seem daunting to some but what many don’t expect is that this technology is designed to save money. Touchless water fixtures consistently use only a fraction of the water that mechanical systems use and when you save water you save money. 

Studies have shown that switching to sensor faucets reduces your water bill by 60-80%. Upgrading to touchless technology is an investment that both pays for itself and grows its returns. 


4. Maintenance 

Sensor-controlled water faucets and flushers have fewer moving parts that would otherwise wear with use. Having fewer parts means few repairs are needed in the future and save you more money. These fixtures are also more sturdy against those who might be rough users such as kids or young adults. 


5. Universal Accessibility

Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design Touchless Water Restroom

It is so important for public restrooms to be accessible for anyone and everyone who needs to use them. Motion-activated flushers and faucets make restrooms a comfortable space for those with our without disabilities. The gesture-activated technology is intuitive in nature and never out of reach. Ensure the health and safety of everyone who uses your facilities by upgrading to touchless water technology.   

Unacceptable: Identifying Undermining Behavior in the Workplace

You know that person. We all know that person. The uncooperative co-worker that knows more than everyone, is never accountable for their mistakes or actions and acts like God’s gift to the company. You don’t like this behavior and neither do your employees or clients. So why do you put up with it? Aren’t you the boss?

When one or more of your teammates causes so much tension in and outside the office but brings valuable skills to the table, it can be extremely difficult to cut ties. In many cases, it can be hard to even identify what behaviors are contributing to the tension and causing problems within the company! Once you take a step back and enact the necessary steps to make positive change, you’ll wonder why it took you so long!

Identify Your Values

What is important to you? How do those philosophies guide your company? Many companies already have instituted mission and vision statements that declare what their guiding principles are. Review your own and ask yourself if you and your team are staying true to your core values.

It’s ok if you’ve never evaluated your principles! Set up a meeting with your team to discuss what specific behaviors and attitudes will help you and your team achieve your company’s goals. For more tips on how to organize this meeting, check out this link.

Evaluate Your Company Culture

What’s the point of having values if you don’t follow through? Compare your team’s day-to-day behavior with your company’s values. Are you staying true to your principles? Is there anyone in particular that consistently or deliberately defies these rules and refuses to take accountability for their actions?

What Does Unacceptable Behavior Look Like?

You want to think the best of all of your employees. So, you might find yourself making excuses for behaviors that are truly unacceptable. But what does that really look like? Below are some traits that many bullies in the workplace exhibit:

  • Undermines authority
  • Withholds information
  • Hoards resources
  • Tells you what you “should” do
  • Is frequently involved in workplace drama
  • Rejects change
  • Takes all the credit for team successes
  • Makes excuses for failures

Discrepancies between your culture and your values completely undermine your company’s ability to succeed as well as your authority as a leader.

Evaluate Yourself

If some of your employees are breaching the company policy and you don’t correct them, then you are enabling them. By tolerating behavior counter to your beliefs, you accept them into your company culture and demonstrate instability and failure in leadership. Your team will lose trust in you as a leader if they believe you can be easily manipulated or actively choose to allow these people to run the show. People don’t leave companies, they leave managers!

To learn more about ways to professionally mitigate these situations, salvage the relationship, and effective ways to remove problem behavior, join Merrill Crawford for a half-day workshop at The Great Game Conference; Dallas Experience on September 8th.



The Great Game of Business is a professional coaching organization that gives employers the tools to empower employees to run the business like they own it. By educating employees about the business and by practicing open-book management, our staff can effectively make decisions as a team with intentionality and insights.

Click here for more information about this program!


Flood Prevention with Hydro Jetting

Be prepared for
hurricane season with


Prevent flooding!
Have Charlie’s clear your storm drains!
Hurricane season is here!
Are you prepared? Having your storm drains routinely flushed of debris can prevent needless flooding in vulnerable areas like parking lotsparking garages, and communities. Don’t wait until it’s too late! By taking proactive measures now, you can save yourself, your tenants, and clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly vehicle and home repairs.Charlie’s Plumbing can clear your drains seasonally with our industrial hydro-jets.Ask about our Service Agreement!

Stay Safe

For more information on hurricane preparedness and planning, please visit the following resources: