Backflow Preventer Testing and Certification

Backflow Prevention 

Backflow prevention is critical to the health and well-being of our community’s water supply. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires all public water systems to create and maintain cross-connection control programs to protect public water supplies. These highly regulated programs are designed to ensure the safety of public drinking water by keeping water contaminated with chemicals and pollutants from flowing back into the public water system. 

Cross-connection control programs must include:  

  • Cross-Connection Control Surveys- Commercial, industrial, and residential plumbing systems must be inspected to identify cross-connections to public water supply
  • Backflow Prevention Device Installation-  Unprotected cross-connections must have backflow prevention devices installed.
  • Annual Backflow Device Testing-  Backflow prevention devices must be inspected and tested annually by a certified tester and certificates must be submitted to the municipality installed.

What is backflow? 

Right now, your lawn hose is probably laying in the middle of your backyard in a puddle of mud. Your backflow preventer is the only thing stopping contaminated water, polluted with fertilizer, and pesticides from flowing back into the public water system when the water pressure drops. Water usually flows in one direction. This flow will reverse if there is a loss of pressure in the supply line or an increase in pressure from your line.  

Backflow Preventer Testing and Certification

Licensed Professionals- Our plumbers are licensed to perform backflow inspections, tests, certifications, repairs, and installations for commercial properties, education facilities, industrial complexes, and more! We are always stocked with parts and equipment to make repairs to your system quick and easy.

Backflow Preventer Location Mapping- Large properties with multiple backflow preventers are no problem for our team. We map out the location of each of your backflow preventers so that we can get there quickly when you need maintenance. 

Annual Testing Reminders- Are you tired of being harassed by the city? Never forget when your annual backflow certification is due! Our team will notify you when it’s time to perform your annual backflow test.

Certification Submission- Each municipality in Texas has its own certificate submission portals and some jurisdictions overlap; making submitting your certificate a real headache. Our team takes care of all of your backflow certification paperwork and submission. 


Repair and Replacement

Don't get your water shut off because of a faulty backflow preventer!

Normal wear and tear can damage your device that will result in faulty performance and ultimately a failing test. 

Our professionals are always stocked with equipment to make emergency repairs to get your system up and running.

If your device is worse for wear, we are experts in backflow installation and can quickly replace your equipment.


Insulation and Protection

Backflow experts at Charlie's Plumbing are stocked and ready to insulate your system now! No matter the size! 

Have a worry-free winter and get your backflow insulated!

A water pipe’s worst enemy is freezing air! Backflow preventers are one of the most common water pipes to burst during a freeze.

Backflow preventer insulation is one of the easiest and cost-efficient ways to protect your water system.

Avoid costly repairs and prepare for winter now!


Municipal Water Districts

Follow the links below for more information on your municipal backflow regulations.

We service the greater Houston area as well as Municipality Utility Districts (MUD Districts) in the surrounding area.

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