Welcome to the Charlie’s Plumbing blog! We are excited to use this platform and share some interesting articles and plumbing tips with you all. At Charlie’s Plumbing, we have a rich history of providing quality industrial, residential, and commercial plumbing services. We have built a strong reputation as Houston’s most trusted plumbing company — and with good reason, as we have been providing our expert commercial plumbing services to the Texas Gulf Coast area since 1979.

We are proud to serve virtually every industry in the Greater Houston area. And we are very committed to maintaining the great relationships we have with local businesses and institutions who trust us because of our strong history of quality craftsmanship. Give Charlie’s Plumbing a call today and see how we can help.

From The Woodlands to Galveston, from Katy to Baytown, we go wherever commercial plumbing services are required in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area — and sometimes even farther than that. We perform practically any type of plumbing service, big or small, commercial or residential, routine maintenance or 24/7 emergency service, etc. Our plumbing specialists have years of extensive experience, thorough training and education, and a passion to provide our customers with the services they need.

Plumbing is a critical amenity that we often take for granted, and we might not realize how much we rely on it until we can’t rely on it. That’s why we take so much pride in our work; because we know how important the service we are providing is, and how important quality plumbing service can be to a home, business, school, hospital, or a community. We serve a number of industries and locations because everyone needs functional plumbing services


• Commercial — All types of office buildings, medical complexes, and free-standing businesses
• Residential — Big homes, small homes, condos, apartments, and HOA’s, we provide most plumbing and HVAC services, with background-checked and drug-tested plumbers
• Education — College campuses, high schools and primary schools, cafeterias, daycare centers, you name it, we can service it!
• Plants and Manufacturing — We have a specifically trained team that is annually certified to handle plumbing services for chemical and manufacturing plants
• Government — Our managers and technicians are TWIC and HASC certified, diligent in following relevant security procedures
• Hospitality — Restaurants, bars, hotels, golf courses, and wherever else plumbing is critical for a good and safe hospitality experience
• Healthcare — Providing sanitary and safe conditions to hospitals, clinics, dentists, and nursing homes
• Non-Profit — Whether it’s a church or museum or an arts or service company, we want to work with your tight budget

No plumbing job is too big or too small for us. We provide all kinds of installation, repair, and maintenance to any area or institution that needs it. Broken and leaky water heater? Trying to install a new boiler system? Call Charlie’s Plumbing. Roof drain clogged? Grease trap not filtering properly? Call Charlie’s Plumbing. Concerned about possible toxic water backflow? Want to see a video from inside your sewage pipe? You guessed it — call Charlie’s Plumbing.

We have served the Houston area for 40 years with quality commercial plumbing services and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. For all of your commercial plumbing needs, contact Charlie’s Plumbing today.