Effective plumbing is one of those utility services we tend to take for granted. Our faucets run, everything flushes and drains, and our access to clean water and wastewater disposal continues to consistently be present. But what about when it stops working? What happens when you see water pooling in your kitchen sink or your toilet starts flushing the wrong way? 

This may seem like a frustrating or frightening experience for most of us, being without functioning plumbing. For a homeowner, while it’s pretty frustrating and inconvenient, the next step is usually straightforward, like putting sticky notes on your home’s toilets and calling your trusted local plumber. But what if you are in the hospitality industry, and your restaurant’s dish washing sink won’t drain, or the toilet’s your customers use won’t flush? As easy as it is to still call your local trusted local commercial plumber, dysfunctional plumbing can be damaging to your restaurant. At the very least, it will slow down service and food production, and at the worst, it can deter potential or returning customers, who can’t use your toilet or hear “plumbing issues” at a restaurant and cross it off the list. 

That’s where Charlie’s Plumbing comes in. We are the most trusted commercial plumbing contractor in Houston, and we have been providing high-quality commercial plumbing services to Houston and the surrounding areas for the past 40 years, for a variety of industries. We have provided commercial plumbing service to a number of restaurants, hotels, bars, and other hospitality establishments in the greater Houston area, so keep reading to see five reasons why your restaurant should have a commercial plumbing contractor and how Charlie’s Plumbing can help.

Protect Against The Inevitable

Plumbing systems are pretty reliable when you consider the entire system and all that it does for your restaurant. But it’s just wishful thinking to hope that a plumbing problem won’t occur at your restaurant. Just like you might buy fire insurance, or increase your stock for a busy holiday weekend, finding a reliable commercial plumbing contractor is just another important step you should take to prepare and ensure your restaurant. Don’t wait for a busy day and broken pipes — plan for the inevitable and find a reliable commercial plumbing company that you can call for immediate service no matter what, like Charlie’s Plumbing in Houston.

Improve Service Efficiency

Ineffective or slow-working plumbing can really impact your restaurant’s ability to provide quick and effective service. A slow draining sink or a clogged grease trap can slow down the pace at which food can be cooked, plated, and served, leaving you angry customers and a dysfunctional restaurant. With a commercial plumbing contractor like Charlie’s Plumbing though, you can schedule consistent check-ups and maintenance to limit the potential of any plumbing issues hindering your restaurant, or have a trusted emergency commercial plumber to quickly contact if you need immediate commercial plumbing service.

Improve Kitchen Safety

As much as plumbing issues might slow certain restaurant processes down, any good restaurant and kitchen crew will try to power through any potential setback during a rush. However, this efficiency-first method might be dangerous combined with certain plumbing issues. For example, if a dishwashing sink won’t drain, those plates and silverware might get placed in work zones and present an obstacle to people handling sharp knives and hot surfaces. If a grease trap gets clogged, cleaning it mid-rush probably won’t happen, and a well-placed flame combined with the grease buildup could cause serious burns for a kitchen worker. Having regular plumbing maintenance, clean-up, and checkups from a trusted commercial plumbing contractor will mitigate any potential of these issues affecting kitchen safety.

Protect Your Customers

A big reason restaurant environments have very high cleanliness standards (i.e. health inspector) is that the germs and bacteria, inherent in standard plumbing appliances and sewer/water lines, are essentially side-by-side with prepared food that will be eaten by customers. So if your employees can’t wash their hands in a working sink, or go to the bathroom in the building, or even worse, experience a backflow of sewage water into potable water flow, you could have a real health hazard for your customers on your hands (literally and figuratively). A commercial plumbing contractor like Charlie’s Plumbing, can provide the regular maintenance and emergency commercial plumbing services that will avoid this issue and get your restaurant back to peak operation ASAP.

Maintain Your Business’s Image

Like the point above mentioned, restaurants generally have pretty high sanitation standards that they have to legally maintain. This can be extrapolated to generally high standards that customers expect from your restaurant, and customers can get cranky pretty quickly when those standards aren’t met. At full operating strength, we know your restaurant already performs at those high standards, but when you have a plumbing issue, operating at that standard becomes a lot more difficult. If customers can’t go to the bathroom because your toilets can’t flush, if a clogged dishwashing sink makes it takes twice as long for a customer to receive an order, if your soda machine can’t access potable water to keep working, these are all potential plumbing issues you could experience and they could cause some damage to your restaurant’s popularity and image. With a reliable commercial plumbing contractor, like Charlie’s Plumbing, you can get 24/7 emergency plumbing services, so any potential plumbing issue can be dealt with immediately, mitigating any PR damage.


When you own and operate a restaurant, one of the last things you are probably considering is what to do if your plumbing goes kaputz. And you won’t really have to consider it, until a plumbing issue presents itself, and by that point, the damage to your restaurant might have already been done. Don’t wait until there is an issue — hire a commercial plumbing contractor like Charlie’s Plumbing in Houston, and improve your peace of mind with Houston’s most trusted commercial plumbing company. Call us today!