Why Your School Needs Proper Plumbing

While access to running water and functional plumbing has been the norm for almost 200 years now, at times we might take for granted just how consistent and widespread that access is. We might forget to appreciate how good we have it until we lose it.This consistency is now critical to our everyday lives, which is why plumbing is such an important job.

We expect this access wherever we go: taking a shower at home, gas stations bathrooms, public drinking fountains, sprinklers at a golf course, even an industrial dishwasher at a restaurant. These places just can’t function properly if their plumbing isn’t working like it should, and a school is no different.

Schools already serve the difficult function of corralling and teaching lots of children, so not being able to rely on toilets flushing or fire sprinklers working would be both a health and safety nightmare for any school.

Charlie’s Plumbing knows how important plumbing is to everyone, especially when they really need it. Here are a few reasons why your school might need the proper plumbing, and how Charlie’s Plumbing can make that happen.


Our constant access to functional plumbing is a modern convenience, but you might not consider that faulty plumbing could actually be a safety and/or a health concern. Which is even more disconcerting if those safety and health concerns occurred at the place where we send our kids for most of the day, five times a week.

With poorly maintained plumbing, a fire sprinkler system that might fail to funnel water to the sprinklers could lead to horrible consequences if there were a fire. Certain pressure differentials in piping could lead to a backflow of nasty chemicals or bacteria back through the pipes, contaminating clean drinking water. Eroded pipes and seals can lead to gas line leaks which, if undetected, could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and death, or even an explosion. A burst pipe could also be leaking out toxic building chemicals or creating an electrical shock situation that could be real dangerous.

While these might not seem like very likely occurrences, no one ever expects them to be, and you should never gamble with a child’s safety by allowing improper plumbing practice at their school. Charlie’s Plumbing is proud to use smart and safe commercial plumbing practices, and has plenty of experience handling big, small, or emergency services at a variety of different education institutions in and around Houston.


A broken drinking fountain is nowhere near as critical of a plumbing issue as a gas leak or piping backflow might be, but non-emergency plumbing issues are still something that should be avoided at all costs at your school. As we mentioned before, improper plumbing makes it harder for a place or institution to function properly, and you do not want a school that can’t properly take of children and teach them.

Some clogged toilets in the boys bathroom might disrupt valuable class time by limiting where a child can go to the bathroom or how long they will take to find a working one. A burst faucet head might lead to dirty water puddles, wet clothes and sneakers, and some angry calls from parents. A low-pressure drinking fountain will lead to more kids putting their mouths on the spout, which could lead to a spread of infection and missed school days.

While these issues are probably not matters of life or death like other plumbing emergencies might be, it goes to show that a school with dysfunctional plumbing might become a dysfunctional school.

This is why your schools need to use commercial plumbers that they can trust. Charlie’s Plumbing has a consistent history providing excellent commercial plumbing services to schools in and around the Houston area. We want to keep your schools running smoothly, and allow the teaching and education to be on your mind, not possible plumbing issues or improper plumbing practices.


Charlie’s Plumbing has been providing commercial plumbing services to the Houston area since 1979. All that history has given folks a lot of faith in our services, because we have provided quality commercial plumbing so consistently, for so long. And when you are determining the right plumbing services for your school district, daycare center, or university, you simply need the reliable best, and nothing less. Charlie’s Plumbing can provide that, as we have been for the past 40 years to the greater Houston area. Call Charlie’s and see what commercial plumbing services we can provide to your educational institution.