Ruptured Sewage Pipe is No Match for Charlie’s Plumbing

You never know what life is going to throw at you and there are some problems that you just can’t prepare for. That was the case for one of our clients when one of their sewage pipes was clogged and flooding their parking lot. Our team was able to quickly diagnose the surprising cause and address the source of the problem. 

The Problem Pipe

The tree root system that grew around the broken pipe.

Our team recently completed a pipe and drain cleanout replacement for a sewer pump system at a large local university. Huge roots from a nearby tree had broken through the pipe and stopped the water flow. This stoppage created chronic stoppages and flooded a busy parking lot on campus making a hazardous mess for students and faculty to wade through to get to classes. 

The stoppage was so bad that our technician Ron could not run a camera line 5 ft into the pipe. Ron ran a hydro-jet several times through the cleanout drain before he was able to maneuver a camera line to see exactly what was causing the stoppage. He was surprised by what he found. Approximately 12 ft of gnarly tree roots had broken through the pipe seeking water. These roots grew into an almost perfect circle making a near-complete blockage.

The Solution

As soon as we found the problem, our team coordinated with the busy university to quickly schedule a time when we could replace 60 ft PVC pipe. We quickly excavated 60 ft long 4 ft deep area so that we could access the damaged pipe. 

Our team constructing the new one-way clean-out drain.

Once we had access to the area, our specialists Ray and Corey cut out and replaced 60 ft of broken pipe. They also replaced a two-way drain clean-out with a brand new one-way drain cleanout. This cleanout replacement will prevent future hydro-jets from flowing back into the pumps located inside the building.  

After we completed the pipe replacement, we filled and repaved the 60 ft area and we tipped our hats to them and the university. We are proud to provide fast and reliable service using the latest plumbing technologies to assess dire situations and repair issues at the source.